The International Negotiation and Mediation - Summer Program will provide a totally new and incredible experience where you will have the opportunity to approach different themes of International Conflict Mediation, to get in touch with different ways of carrying out business agreements and new ways of seeing problems and the world.

This program is suitable for participants who are interested in developing skills in negotiation and mediation and who have the ambition to integrate an international network of professionals who lead the development of alternative dispute resolution and online dispute resolution on a global scale.

This program aims to provide the development of knowledge and skills in International Mediation, allowing participants to put into practice the expertise brought by international professionals, while allowing the discussion of the topics that mark current trends in the area of out-of-court conflict resolution.

It is a unique opportunity to learn from international experts and to know the procedural and technical practices that are modernly in application in international terms for negotiators and mediators today.