Within the International Studies Programme, open conferences to the community will be held with guest speakers on specific themes within the scope of international and European law and international relations.

With a variety of invitees from different personal and professional backgrounds, the ISP Dialogues will foster and encourage critical thinking, interdisciplinary contexts, and a comprehensive and humanistic approach of both International and European Law and International Relations.

All lectures will be held at the University and the admission is free.

29 September, 14h30

Prospects on the Relationship between Russia and Europe after the Invasion of Ukraine

13 October, 11h15

The Future (of) Cities: Mobility, Climate Change and Common Well-Being

19 October, 11h15

Geopolitics, Authoritarian Powers, and Threats to Liberal Democracy

26 October, 11h15

Parliaments and National Defence Policy: The Portuguese Case

9 November, 11h15

The Middle East Conflict and the EU: Challenges and Opportunities

16 November, 11h15

The European Union as a Global Player

29 November, 14h30

Climate Change: Current and Future Challenges

30 November, 11h15

Capitalism, Liberal Democracy, and Poverty: Why is the Gap between Poor and Rich Enlarging?

7 December, 11h15

The European Court of Human Rights as a Promoter of Accountability and Human Rights Policies

12 December, 11h15

Closing Conference | The Inability to Forget. Nostalgia and International Reconciliation Practices




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