Bringing together International Law, Political History, Strategy, Human Rights and International Relations
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Descrição do Programa

Programme Highlights

  • Master’s Degree in Law fully lectured in English
  • Learning methods that combine academic rigor with the practical and multicomplex dimensions of the course subjects
  • Innovative topics
  • Promotion of interdisciplinarity
  • Development of critical thinking
  • Improvement of analytical skills
  • Comprehensive approach of international law and international relations
  • Qualified teaching staff, with a consistent international experience
  • Guest professors and experts from different professional backgrounds, countries and fields of knowledge


Main Career Opportunities

The programme is designed to prepare for careers in the Public and Private Sectors: from public administration, diplomatic and consular services, or international organizations, but also third sector entities (mainly NGO’s), international or public affairs consultancy or multinational companies.


Application requirements

Applications are opened to students who have obtained or will obtain (this academic year) an undergraduate degree (or legal equivalent) in Law, History, International Relations, Economics, Management, Military Sciences or in other area of social sciences or humanities.



What Master will I be granted after the successful completion of the International Studies Programme?
The successful completion of the International Studies Programme will grant you the Master’s Degree in International and European Law at the Porto School of Law of Universidade Católica and a specific International Studies Programme Diploma.

What is the length of the programme?
The International Studies Programme is a 3 semesters’ programme corresponding to a total of 90 ECTS The first 2 semesters correspond to the academic part of the programme, while the third semester is for students to write and submit their dissertation.

How long will I have to be in Porto?
Students are required to be in Porto during the two academic semesters of the International Studies Programme. During the dissertation semester students are not required to be in Porto, since supervision may be carried out using online tools. On the other hand, this is a period when students may do practitioner or research internships.
The public discussion of the dissertation is face to face.

What is the academic calendar of the programme?
Classes begin on February 24, 2024.
For more details please see the school calendar on the right side button.

Who has access to the end-of-course diploma of the International Studies Programme?
Access to the diploma is granted to those who pass the courses and seminars of the academic part of the programme, write their dissertation in English or, after authorization, in another foreign language, and obtain approval after the discussion of the dissertation. You will also obtain a Master's degree in International and European Law.

I am afraid that my level of English does not correspond to what is expected for the course. Can I still attend it?
We offer students the possibility to attend English language courses.

Are there any Scholarships and Merit Awards in the International Studies Programme?
Merit Scholarships are awarded every semester.
Applicants with an application score equal to or greater than 15.00 (on a scale of 0 to 20) are eligible for a merit-based scholarship. Eligible students must submit a request to the School Board by February 15 in accordance with the stipulations present in the regulation.
This information does not exempt applicants from consulting the Regulation of the Merit Scholarships for Masters of Porto Faculty of Law, Universidade Católica Portuguesa

May I attend other courses and seminars of the Master’s in Law?
Yes. In the context of the International Studies Programme, you can attend to a maximum of 6 ECTS (one course or two seminars) offered by the other Master´s specializations if they are lectured in English and have an international subject.

Can I have access to the Judicial Studies Centre (CEJ) after attending to the International Studies Programme?
Yes. Successful completion of the International Studies Programme will grant you a Master’s degree in Law: International and European Law at the Porto School of Law of Universidade Católica.

Therefore, you can apply for CEJ, if you also hold a degree in Law.

Where can I apply to the International Studies Programme?
Application is carried out online. In the following link you will find all the necessary information, from application to registration, and contacts.

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