International Criminal Law

6 ECTS / Semestral / Inglês

Learning Outcomes

The expected learning outcomes of the syllabus of international criminal law are the understanding of the international criminal jurisdictions, the nature of and elements of international crimes, as well as the different modes of liability. The students are expected to understand the exercise of the criminal jurisdiction in the context of the international society, and acquire the skill to critically assess its efficacy and shortfalls.


  1. Introduction to International Criminal Law;
  2. History: from Nuremberg to The Hague;
  3. Ad-Hoc International Criminal Courts; Hybrid Courts; The International Criminal Court - jurisdiction and admissibility;
  4. International Crimes: Genocide; Crimes against Humanity; War Crimes; Crime of Aggression;
  5. Are there other International Crimes? The cases of International Torture and Piracy;
  6. Individual Responsibility: modes of liability. Command/Superior Responsibility;
  7. International Courts Case-Law analysis. 


Assistente Convidado(a)
Docente de Direito Internacional e Direito Internacional Criminal. Diretor-Geral de Política de Defesa Nacional de 2012 a 2020. Jurista na…