Global, European and Comparative Administrative Law (Seminar)

3 ECTS / Semestral / Inglês

Learning outcomes

  • Analyse the emergence of transnational phenomena of administrative law, namely global administrative law and European administrative law;
  • Study global administrative law based on administrative values, such as legitimacy, participation, transparency and accountability, which can provide answers to the questions caused by the variables of global governance, in the following domains: Internet; fight against corruption; sporting events; public health; and world trade; 
  • Identify the impact of comparative administrative law in the creation of a European administrative law (vertical and horizontal);
  • Apprehend the main administrative law practices and, consequently, assess the impact of the European Union on the convergence and harmonization of national administrative law, especially regarding public procurement. 


  1. Transnational phenomena and administrative law - global administrative law and European administrative law - similarities and differences
  2. The ratio of global administrative law - the importance of administrative legal values in global governance
    2.1. The concept of “global public good and service” in the following areas: internet; fight against corruption; organization of sporting events; public health; global warming and world trade;
    2.2. Administrative legal values in global governance - legitimacy, participation, transparency and accontability;
    2.3. Emergence of a new concept of administrative legal relationship in global governance.
  3. Comparative administrative law and the emergence of vertical and horizontal European administrative law
    3.1. Administrative legal models and traditions of Member States;
    3.2. Convergence and harmonization of administrative law in the Member States - the example of public procurement.


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