Global Constitutional Law (Seminar)

3 ECTS / Semester / English
This seminar seeks to rethink traditional features of constitutional theory and constitutional law in the light of globalization. In the same way we can identify a developing pan-European constitutional order, so can we recognize the evolution of new legal, institutional and normative global processes. Students will be able to critically reflect on current constitutional challenges, such as: how sovereignty, democracy, and the concept of nation-state are being metamorphosed by increased supranational integration; state’s loss of centrality to the sphere of influence of international institutions, transnational non-governmental organizations or multilateral companies; the impact of judicial and economic globalization on the domestic legal orders; the interactions between supranational organizations and domestic constitutional law; how global scholarship is moving from clear-cut division between national and international law to refined concepts of interdependence between several constitutional layers of law. 


Professor(a) Auxiliar
Licenciada em Direito pela Escola de Direito do Porto da Universidade Católica Portuguesa, em 2004. Mestre em Direito pela Escola de Direito do Porto…