Why us?

At Católica we practice quality teaching, based on rigor and demand, inspired by the values of Christian humanism, which provides students with a solid preparation for the exercise of the profession they choose.

First law course in the north of the country

The reputation of the Católica Porto Law School speaks for itself. It was the first law course north of Coimbra. Over these nearly forty years, it has built up its own body of professors, trained in Portugal and in prestigious European and North American universities.

Alumni with successful careers

Católica Porto Law Alumni teach in almost all Portuguese law schools, both public and private, and in numerous higher education institutions; they occupy prominent positions in politics, business, public administration, the judiciary, the legal profession (with prominent positions in the largest law firms), and in international organizations.

Transversal Training

At the Law School, a fundamental goal is to help students work on their professional projects, and even some of their dreams.

To this end, the Law School strives to ensure that students receive a technical education of excellence, while also being concerned with training autonomous and responsible people.

Taking advantage of the fact that the School is inserted in a campus with other teaching units, it ensures students a transversal formation (Psychology, Management, Economics, Marketing, Political Science) and formation destined to develop fluency in foreign languages, the use of information technology, the development of communication, creativity, the ability to solve new problems, critical sense, among others.

It invests in the link between theory and practice, with various legal professionals teaching practical courses and seminars.

High Employability Rates

As a result of its commitment to the quality of its teaching, the Católica Porto Law School obtained the best national classification in the parameter of employability of its graduates in the last assessment of Portuguese universities, and continues to honor that distinction every year, with employability rates around 95%.