Universalism, Regionalism and Integration (Seminar)

3 ECTS / Semester / English

The course aims to foster a dialogue between theory and practice of international organizations and international dispute settlement mechanisms in the context of Universalism, Regionalism and Integration. Its general objective is to expand knowledge on the theory and practice of international organizations and dispute settlement mechanisms from an interdisciplinary and critical perspective.

Its specific objectives adresses innovative topics and consist in:

a) acknowledging the influence of politics in decision-making processes at the international and regional levels;
b) recognizing new tendencies in the theory and function of international organizations and its dispute settlement mechanisms;
c) analyzing decision-making processes at the universal and regional levels and its challenges;
d) understanding the practice of domestic implementation of hard and soft norms and obstacles;
e) accessing participation mechanisms for state and non-state actors in community interest cases;


Professor, International and European Law, FGV Rio de Janeiro. Director, Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, EU-South America Global Governance. Associate…