International Legal Regimes

5 ECTS / Semestral / Inglês

Learning Outcomes

The goal of this curricular unit is to provide a global and integrated approach of some of the main international law regimes. Namely, for their importance, the integrated study of International State Responsibility and the Collective Security System and the Use of Force in International Relations. Moreover, each year, will be defined another two thematic issues to be studied from the following: self-determination of the people, international humanitarian law, international economic law, international environment law, international human rights law, international space law and international law of the Sea.


I. International State Responsibility for Internationally Wrongful Act

  1. Introduction;
  2. General Principles;
  3. The internationally wrongfull act: attribution and wrongfullness;
  4. Circunstances precluding wrongfullness;
  5. Content of state responsibility: basic regime and agravatted;
  6. Implementation.

II . Use of force and collective security system

  1. The prohibition of the use of force in international relations in the Charter of the United Nations;
  2. The Security Council and its powers under Chap. VII of the Charter;
  3. Aggression;
  4. Self-Defense;
  5. The humanitarian reasoning and the Responsibility to Protect;
  6. Armed Reprisals.


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