3 reasons to start studying at Católica Porto Law School

Terça-feira, Junho 1, 2021 - 17:50

Nationally and internationally renowned institution

Católica Porto Law School is ranked among the top ten European Law Schools by independent international institutions.

It is the Law School's purpose to build a school that is open to changes, constantly striving to help its students achieve their career plans and committed to providing its teachers and researchers with the best possible conditions for the pursuit of scientific truth.

Católica Porto Law School is strongly committed to strengthening internationalization activities while expanding its international partnership network and increasing the number of international students.


Great feedback from former Law students

"First of all, Porto became a part of my heart. It has fabulous streets, buildings, and parks where I always enjoyed to take a walk when I had nothing to do. With Católica, I am totally satisfied. I have never solved this amount of cases and the teaching method was always efficient.
I am glad to have spent more than four months here and I hope I will have the opportunity to come back someday." Àgota Albert, alumni

"Having my Erasmus at UCP was one of the best things I have ever done. The teachers, the students and the international office were so helpful during my stay here! I would definitely recommend other students to choose UCP. The levels of the courses are high, so it’s possible to combine the real Erasmus feeling with a high level of education." Niels Swinkels, alumni

"We were absolutely satisfied with the teacher at Católica, they were always very helpful and the quality of the education was really high-level. The lessons were practical.
Regarding the city, Porto has a special atmosphere, I really enjoyed this semester. There is always something happening here, Porto is full of programmes and possibilities for free-time activities for Erasmus students. Student life was also really nice, I tried to participate in all events." Tünde Weisz, alumni


Constant support

Through the International Office, you can get:

  • Guidance and advice on international opportunities (Erasmus, internships, summer programs, short-term international experiences);
  • Support to student mobility processes and experiences;
  • Support to the integration of international students;
  • Management of the Buddies Program - aimed at Católica students;
  • Management of international partnerships.

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