Working Time Regulation

6 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

Students should acquire a detailed knowledge of the legal regulation regarding the duration and organization of working time, vacation, holidays, absences, as well as the employment contracts which idiosyncrasies relate to working time. They shall realize the practical usefulness of the various legal institutions regarding the different interests involved and its suitability for several business realities, as well as the respective advantages and disadvantages for an efficient and accurate advice of the agents involved. At the same time, they need to identify the legal questions concerning the interpretation of existing legislation and the integration of loopholes, with the support of legal literature and jurisprudence discussions. Finally, they shall be aware of the need to coordinate the national legislation with the sources of supranational law, resolving conflicts of rules, and with the collective labour regulation instruments.


Associate Professor
Licenciada em Direito pela Escola do Porto da Faculdade de Direito da Universidade Católica Portuguesa, em 1995. Mestre em Ciências Jurídico-Empresariais…