Specific Issues Concerning Employment Contract Termination

6 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

Students are expected to acquire a detailed and specialized knowledge of the employment contract termination legal regime. Although this subject is studied in the undergraduate course, we intend, in this context, to carry out a more complete approach to some specific issues. Mainly we intend to lead students to: be aware of the issues which have been more dubious among the Portuguese jurists and courts and become able to discuss them using legal arguments; establish logical and systematic links between the regulation of the employment contract and other legal provisions, both set forth in the Labour Code and in other legal statutes; realize the relevance of parametric legal texts, such as the Portuguese Constitution and the European and International regulation, and call them as a reference for the interpretation of the national legislation.


Assistant Professor
Licenciada (1999-2004), mestre (2005-2008) e doutora (2009-2014) em Direito (FDUC). Tem exercido funções docentes e realizado trabalho de investigação…