Social Security Law

3 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

The goal is to acquaint students with the origins of Social Security Law, the different ways of designing and implementing a social protection model and to study, in particular, the Portuguese social security system - its principles, structure, systems, concepts and protected realities. Apart from obtaining a theoretical basis, it is intended that students become able to solve practical situations that involve the application of Social Security Law. They will develop skills to: understand the policies that underlie the different models of Social Security; know the basics of Portuguese Social Security system; perceive and frame the different systems, subsystems and social security schemes; know the law that governs social protection in Portugal; solve practical issues.


Invited Lecturer
Licenciatura em Direito pela Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra. Mestrado em Ciências Jurídico-Empresariais pela mesma Instituição. Doutoramento…