People Management

6 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

The course aims to develop skills in order to enable:
The promotion of people's involvement and commitment around organizational strategies and projects to ensure effectiveness and quality and promote the well-being of the involved actors.
The identification of the managers’ role in motivating and developing their employees.
The analysis of People Management (PM) practices in the organizations and the definition of criteria and procedures for their correct implementation.
The development of attitudes that value the contextualization of the investigation and the interventions in PM in order to promote their adequacy to the field's specificities.
Critically analyse the conceptions and practices of the students in order to identify strategies for improvement.

All course units are, unless otherwise stated, compulsory.
Of the three legal seminars proposed, the student must choose at least two,
and may replace the other two by curricular units corresponding to 6 ECTS
of the following areas of the Master's Degree in Law: Company and Business Law, Law
Tax or Labour Law.
The seminars with the indication ** are alternative.


Invited Lecturer
Doutoramento em Psicologia, Universidade do Porto. Doutorado em Psicologia (2010) pela Universidade do Porto. Mestre em Psicologia do Trabalho e das Empresas…
Invited Lecturer
Mestre em Psicologia do Trabalho e das Empresas pela Universidade do Porto. Professor Auxiliar convidado da Católica Porto Business School. Consultor nos…