Judicial Enforcement of European Union Law and Protection of Human Rights

6 ECTs / Semester / Portuguese

Students should acquire a detailed knowledge of the instruments for the protection of fundamental rights in the UE, of the relationship of those instruments with instruments of other legal orders, such as the ECHR, as well as the European judicial protection mechanisms. The analysis of the law, the court decisions and the legal literature aim to provide a global and detailed understanding of these subjects, in order to fully prepare students for their professional activity in this field. At the same time the syllabus intends to improve legal and research skills: oral and written communication, advocating a position or a cause, analytical and logical reasoning, knowledge of substantive and procedural subjects, mastering legal terminology, mastering research techniques and proper legal citation.


Associate Professor
Licenciatura em Direito pela Escola de Direito do Porto da Universidade Católica Portuguesa, em 1990. Mestre em Direito pela Faculdade de Direito da…